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General Questions
PE-51: FAQ
OdorZorb: FAQ

General Questions

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  • Packaging

    Our packaging includes 100% biodegradable packing peanuts. 

    Please dissolve under water.  

  • Are Zeofill Products safe for my children or pets?

    100% Safe for Children and Pets! 

    ZeoFill Products are OMRI approved, organic and eco-friendly products.

PE-51: FAQ

  • How often should turf be treated with ZeoFill PE-51?

    PE-51 is used on an as-need basis. 


    We just recommend using PE-51 when you start to smell urine odors . If you have children on your turf, we recommend using PE-51 more often to get rid of any bacteria in your grass.


    Seasonal changes may require application more often. ie. Summer and dry spells. 

  • How do I apply the PE-51 enzyme cleaner?
    1. Pre-soak turf surface lightly with water prior to product application. 
    2. Shake the 32 oz bottle prior to application. 
    3. Attach water hose to max flow nozzle, ensuring black gasket is on the inside of the max flow nozzle.
    4. Tighten bottle to nozzle clockwise; do not over tighten.
    5. Turn water source on.
    6. While holding the hose and nozzle end away from you, turn the safety tab back towards you.
    7. Point the nozzle at the soiled areas and spray using a sweeping motion.
    8. The nozzle dilutes the PE-51 concentrate product to 2 oz. / gallon of water.
    9. When finished, turn the safety tab back to the upright position, turn water hose off at the source, and disconnect from max flow nozzle.
    10. Turn the hose on without the nozzle. Lightly spray the turf keeping the turf wet for a long as you can. The longer the turf is wet the better for enzymes continue to be activated, killing bad bacteria.
  • How do I store my PE-51 bottle?

    Store in a dry cool area out of direct sunlight.

  • Can I use PE-51 without using the Zeofill Nozzle?

    Yes, even though PE-51 is a concentrated product, you can use it directly on any surface.

    PE-51 should be diluted to 2oz per 1 gallon of water. 

  • When is the best time to apply ?

    The best time to clean your surface is in the early morning or early evening  during cool temperatures.

    PE-51's live enzymes need time to activate with the water on the surface, to destroy any bad bacterial spores causing the bad odor. 


    Application in direct sunlight can dry and limit the amount of enzyme absorption. Urine odors are most likely coming from the bottom of the turf. As the heat rises, the more the smell becomes noticeable. This is due to bacterial spores and ammonia growing and rising. The reason evening time is best, is when the weather is cooler, the enzymes can move around freely under the turf killing the bad bacteria. The underlayment under the turf will stay wet longer in the evening.

  • After installation of your products, can I use regular water to keep the top of the turf wet?

    Yes, lightly wet or mist the area, but avoid drenching. For best results, the enzymes should remain wet for as long as possible, so they continue to actively work against bacteria and odor. Once the live enzymes dry the product stops working.

  • Is PE-51 fragranced or scented?

    PE-51 has a "Fresh Cut Grass" smell. 

  • What are the benefits of using a live enzyme cleaner?

    Using an all-natural live liquid enzyme are safer for environment as well as human and pet health.  PE-51 liquid live enzymes can penetrate into very small cracks to break down odor-causing bacteria, that traditional chemicals cannot ,while keeping the area smelling fresh. 

OdorZorb: FAQ

  • Is OdorZorb Infill a zeolite? Why does my installer say all zeolite are the same?

    OdorZorb Infill is an almond colored premium clinoptilolite zeolite which does not have calcium or quartz, which other zeolites contain. 

    Generic zeolites are gray ,green or pure white. Gray zeolite will change to a light green but has impurities that could cause issues. Most white zeolites in North America also have calcium, which break down after a good hard rain and will cause discoloring turf fibers or stamped colored concrete. 

    Not all zeolites are the same. Every zeolite mine has different particles embedded in the pit, then crushed and put into its bag.

  • How does zeolite cooling action work?

    Reduces surface temperature on hot days by up to 32°F. OdorZorb Infill absorbs moisture and release it through a process called evapotranspiration, which helps cool the other infill and turf components. See test results on our website.

  • How does zeolite absorption work?

    Many of the potentially harmful elements and odors found in recycled crumb rubber or plastics can be mitigated with our mineral. 

    OdorZorb Infill has been shown to absorb many types of liquids, gasses and particulates; including ammonia, heavy metals, toxins, carcinogens and volatile organic compounds. OdorZorb attracts substances such as ammonia and breaks them down naturally. It has a negatively-charged honey-combed molecular structure that absorbs liquid like a magnet. It also prevents ammonia from forming into a gas, thus getting rid of that foul smell.

    OdorZorb Infill also absorbs moisture. It helps prevent mold, mildew and decomposition that often occur in organic infills such as wood chips, cork, coco coir or walnut. 

  • Where does OdorZorb go? On top of the turf or below the turf?

    Zeolite pet odor infill is recommended to use on top of turf working down into the thatch with brush broom. See chart for recommended usage.


    The benefits of using small amounts of pet odor infill under the turf during installation will prevent the forced bacteria trapped during hard rains turning into ammonia.

  • Does OdorZoeb need to be reapplied?

    Because OdorZorb holds a minimum of 80% of its weight and is a negative charge property, the OdorZorb will recharge itself when dry but bacteria will still be present. Zeolite encapsulates bacteria and ammonia, then releases toxins with with rain water. Sodium ion in heavy rainwater forces the bacteria out of the OdorZorb and into the ground. Rainwater is naturally PH balanced due to the presence of carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, sodium ions and sulfur dioxide found in the Earth's troposphere, thus neutralizing the zeolite granules. Once dry again, OdorZorb is like new again and will continue to hold any gases from escaping. 


    Typically you would never need to replace the infill, but in concentrated odor areas, we recommend adding extra zeolite. ZeoFill® Products' Backyard Deodorizer 4lb. & 8lb. jars are intended for potty patches. 

  • Frost, Ice and Snow Abatement?

    Absorption of moisture with OdorZorb reduces frost and snow accumulation during cold temperatures.


    Minimize and prevent surface frost, ice and snow accumulation through natural absorption and ice melting. OdorZorb continues to absorb moisture down to -20°F. It prevents surface icing, and reduces slippage caused by frost, ice and snow.

  • Can I install OdorZorb in my putting green?

    ZeoFill granular size is too big for putting greens and in most cases you cannot put enough OdorZorb to properly weight down the turf.

  • Can I use OdorZorb on my natural grass?

    Yes, OdorZorb Infill is a 100% natural organic material, it won't hurt live plants. Natural grass is grown with soil, therefore OdorZorb will work its way into the soil and disappear. In artificial grass, OdorZorb will stay in the thatch fibers of the turf as long as the turf is on the ground. The thatch in the turf will hold the zeolite in place. 

  • What is quartz?

    Quartz is a crystalline silica which is a solid jagged rock found in most zeolites. When it rains the heavy quartz travels to the drainage holes in your turf and blocks the water from draining. Due to the sharp edges, it can also cut the turf fibers over time. 


    OdorZorb does not have any solid quartz. 

  • What is pumice?

    Pumice is a light-colored, extremely porous igneous rock that forms during explosive volcanic eruptions. It is used as aggregate in lightweight concrete, as landscaping aggregate, and as an abrasive in a variety of industrial and consumer products. Many specimens have a high enough porosity that they can float on water until they slowly become waterlogged. Pumice is not recommended due to its absorption properties and is not a compatible granular size used in synthetic turf. It is much lighter than OdorZorb zeolite and can contain osolite or quartz rock.

  • What is silica sand?

    Silica Sand is a positively charged mineral and holds bacteria that causes urine smells. OdorZorb Infill is a negatively charged mineral which holds bacteria that prevents gases from escaping for long periods of time, best for homes with pets. If both infills are in the turf, then they are working against each other. Our best suggestion is to remove the existing infill using a dry vacuum. It will take a long time to remove the silica sand, but it will be beneficial in the long run. 

  • Why is infill needed in synthetic or artificial turf?

    1. Holds the turf down to help control subtraction and contraction between hot and cold weather.
    2. Holds the turf fibers upright.
    3. Distribution of water to the weeping holes in the turf.
    4. Temperature control
    5. Pet urine absorption, helps against odors. 

  • Will a short pile height turf be able to hold enough OdorZorb Infill if I have pets?

    We recommend you using a pile height of 1.5 inches or more and 65 oz or less. If your turf installation has a mesh backing, you can use under the turf as well as on top the turf. 

  • Should I be able to see the black or green bottom of the turf after OdorZorb is installed?

    There should be at least 1/4" to 3/8" of OdorZorb Infill from the bottom of the turf. Sometimes the thatch (curly fibers) can be completely covered when first installed, which is perfectly normal. Once the infill settles over time, then the thatch will start to show. 

  • Can OdorZorb Infill be installed damp or wet?

    The OdorZorb granules must be installed dry. Installing the granules wet causes the granules clump together and is almost impossible for the granules to travel to the primary backing at the bottom of the turf. This does not in any way harm the product or its composition, but makes the installation process difficult. The initial zeolite dust usually comes off on most turf during the initial installation but if the turf has any type of oil which is used during turf manufacture, the zeolite dust can stick to the turf fibers. 

  • What if my dog eats the OdorZorb Infill? What will happen?

    If your dog eats OdorZorb, it will actually detoxify your dog's body by removing any metals from its body. Our mine sells to companies who feed horses, pigs and cows. Zeolite helps in the digestion of these animals. We also use our finer mesh for horse medicine. 

  • Will OdorZorb Infill plug the holes in my turf?

    OdorZorb is 100% permeable and does not contain quartz. A consistent flow of rain water or water from a hose will be absorbed in zeolite's porous, honeycombed like molecular structure then forced directly through it. When the water source ceases, OdorZorb Infill will retain the moisture longer than other infills while still maintaining the odor controlling properties. 

  • How does OdorZorb Infill drain water?

    When the zeolite is saturated by existing humidity plus rain, the zeolite's porous structure allows draining even when tightly compacted.

  • Can OdorZorb Infill absorb urine when the zeolite is wet?

    A saturated zeolite would not absorb ammonia from pet urine well, but once it dries, it will absorb ammonia as normal. 

  • Does OdorZorb swell or break down when wet?

    OdorZorb has no swelling index, it does not increase or decrease in size when moisture is added. As a result it does not break down or degrade due to constant moisture or even freezing temperatures with moisture. 

  • When OdorZorb is wet, does it cause mold?

    No, mold grows were there is continuous moisture. Depending on the mesh size, zeolite will dry within a few days. 

  • Will OdorZorb harm the turf fibers?

    No, OdorZorb is softer than sand and will crush before tearing the turf due to the honeycombed structure, but will last just as long as the turf. OdorZorb is 4 to 5 Mohs while Silica Sand is 6 to 7 Mohs.

  • What is Mohs hardness?

    The Mohs Hardness Scale identifies minerals and determines hardness. If the Mohs hardness is too soft, then the zeolite will degenerate in your turf faster. If it is too hard, then it could tear turf fibers. OdorZorb's Mohs measure is between 4 - 5 which is optimal for artificial grass infill. 

    Mesh size is the size of the OdorZorb granule to be placed on top of the turf. Different applications need either a bigger or smaller size granule to provide the best situation for the application. 

  • How does rain water recharge OdorZorb?

    Sodium Ion (Na+) in rainwater will release the magnetism of the OdorZorb granule and then the force of the heavy rain will push the urine bacteria deep into the ground. The zeolite granule will naturally recharge when it dries again. 

  • Can zeolite turn my turf white during or after installation?

    During installation: Yes, any zeolite powder (even OdorZorb) can stick to various turf types. To remove dust from the turf, use either a power broom or a brush broom to push against the fibers. 

    If this does not work, CLR is safe enough to clean your turf. 

  • Does it smell after prolonged dry smells without rain?

    OdorZorb Infill holds odor for long periods of time. In order for toxins to be released from zeolite, Sodium Ion (NA+) in must be present from rain water. Watering the area will be ineffective due to the purification of our water in the home. 


    To keep the area smelling fresh, bacteria can be removed by using an enzyme liquid. Checkout ZeoFill® PE-51 for more information. 

  • ​Is OdorZorb safe around swimming pools?

    OdorZorb Infill is 100% people and pet safe! It is safe to use around the swimming pools. 


    It will absorb the pool water and any contaminates will be trapped in the granule. OdorZorb has been used for algae remover for swimming pools, fountains, ponds, trout farms, aqueducts, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and more. OdorZorb has also been used for ice traction control around rivers and lakes. 

  • Is OdorZorb Infill safe for kids playing on the yard?

    100% Safe for Children and Pets. 100% NATURAL VOLCANO ASH 

    Clinoptilolite zeolite is completely natural with no chemicals added. 

    OdorZorb is listed as organic by the OMRI. 




  • Can OdorZorb infill be installed while it's raining?

    It’s really important that the zeolite stay dry during installation. If it becomes wet, it will clump together and will not be able to drop into the thatch.